Towns & villages





1. The seagulls

Before you even reach Thassos one captivated experience on the ferry journey from the mainland is the feeding of the seagulls. The seagulls have learned they the ferry passengers present a ticket to an easy meal. Hold your hand out with a piece of bread or bisquite and watch the seagulls man oeuvre into place alongside the deck and then swoop down to gently pick the morsel straight from your outstretched hand!

2. Thassos Town (Limenas)

Thassos town known locally as Limenas, is the island’s capital; a buzzing holiday resort in the summer, yet a haven of tranquillity in the winter. Take an evening walk down the winding alleyways before settling down to enjoy dinner at one of the many traditional tavernas. One famous attraction is Costis’s Pottery, just on the outskirts of the town, where you can watch traditional pottery techniques and even buy that special souvenir of the island.




3. Panagia

The capital of the island in the 19th century, Panagia, is one of the most beautiful villages on the island, set as it is in a natural bowl in the mountainside, offering magnificent views over the bay below. The village is famous not only for the many streams that flow through, but also for the production of spoon sweets, walnuts, figs and tomatoes, an ancient picturesque village church and the Traditional Olive Oil Museum.

4. Potamia

The village hosts the Museum of Polygnotos Vagis. Born in Potamia in 1892 Polygnotos Vagis, left the island at the age of 19 to emigrate to America.Renowned as a sculptor, on his death he bequeathed his works to the Greek government on the understanding that a museum dedicated to his work would be created in his birthplace.

5. Monastery of Archangel Michael

Situated halfway between alike and Astris, the monastery is dedicated to the island’s patron saint. The stop is well worth the time, if only for the wonderful views form its imposing position clinging to the cliffs above the bay. Within the walls you will find beautiful gardens exploding with colors. (see picture at the top of this page)

6. Theologos

A myriad of alleys criss-cross this mountain settlement, opening into small picturesque squares. Old mansions line the alleys ans squares, such as that of Chadjigiorgis Metaxas, who was president of the island and leader of the unsuccessful independence revolt of 1821. If you will find a number of interesting churches and a small folklore museum which houses costumes and art crafts from daily life in the past.

7. Limenaria

The second largest town on the island. Limenaria has a fishing harbor and a long waterfront promenade lined with a number of tavernas and bars. Behind this there is the main shopping precinct and further still you will find many old mansion style houses lining small steep streets and alleyways.


8. Skala Maries

This is a lovely little village with a maze of streets ans quaint buildings. There is a small beach at the end of the harbor and a walkway along the harbor wall.


9. Maries

The drive up to Maries is picturesque and scenic and the village is quaint and unspoiled with what is purported to be the oldest church on Thassos. A small river runs below the village, supplied by the runoff from Lake Marion.

10. Prinos

Prinos is the sister village of Skala prinos, the secondary island port from where you can board a ferry to the mainland city of Kavala. Prinos is hos every Monday to the island’s market where you can browse the many stalls for that little bargain.

11. Kazaviti (Megalos Prinos)

The village has been transformed in recent years, with much of the architecture being returned yo a traditional design, making the village a lovely setting for a walk and refreshments. If you have a car, you can drive up from Kazaviti to the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon.

12. Skala Prinos

Skala prinos has the second largest harbour on the island, with ferries leaving here for Kavala. Next to the ferry port is a working shipyard.