Products of Thassos





49. Marble

Thassos is renowned for its snow white marble, exporting the product all over the world from the two working quarries on the island. Even in ancient times, Thassos marbles was exported to Samothrace, the coast of Minor Asia ans in southern Greece and was also extensively used by the Romans, who prized the high quality white stone.

50. Honey

Honey is also one of the prime products of Thassos, confirmed by the number of shops and stalls selling the local product. Tourists are welcome to visit the Thassos Apiarist Co-operatice factory just outside Skala Prinos and see how honey is blended and bottled.

51. Olives

The island’s fertile soil means that Thassos is the second largest olive oil producing region of northern Greece after Halkidiki. Those farmed on Thassos are low tree varieties that crop heavily and give both high quality light colored oil and delicious edible black olives.